TJ Perez
Department Chair

Born and raised in California, Dr. Perez is well acquainted with both the beauty and challenges faced by Californians. He began his journey with public service in 2001 supporting local government and law enforcement agencies with their information technology and cybersecurity needs.

He is considered a subject matter expert in the fields of technology, business and real estate. His desire to help others lead him to enter the field of education in 2008 by teaching technology courses at a local community college. Since then, he has assisted various academic institutions in developing new degree programs, redeveloping existing programs and was a pioneer in competency-based educational delivery.

Dr. Perez is an experienced educator who is passionate about student success. As a seasoned educator he has taught in-person, hybrid and with online modalities with students on an international-level.

As a community college graduate and former adult student, it is my joy to give back to this very same learning community. Calbright’s mission and dedication to empower students aligns with my own personal desire to help others in their academic journey.