Participatory Governance

Assembly Bill 1725 enacted a structure for community college governance that strengthens the role of faculty, staff and students. This governance structure ensures that faculty, staff, students, and managers of Calbright College have the right to participate effectively in district and college governance.

The law recognizes that a basic principle of higher education governance is that authority derives not only from the powers vested in governing boards but also from the knowledge and experience possessed by the faculty, staff, students, and members of the college. Participatory governance is vital to the development and implementation of sound educational policy.

Participatory governance is an inherent relationship between involvement in decision-making and responsibility/accountability for the decisions made.

Calbright College embraces participatory governance and its governance structure reflects the participation of faculty, staff, students, and managers.

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EERA Representation Petition

Notice of Educational Employment Relations Act Representation Petition
Posted October 26, 2021