Learning at Calbright


What’s studying at Calbright like?

Classes at Calbright are taken entirely online, and entirely on your schedule. You decide when you log in, from where, and for how long. Our staff will check in with you, and is on call to help any time — but you make the decisions about how your education fits with your life. At Calbright, we make sure you’ll have a plan, you’ll have a community, and you’ll have resources.

At Calbright, we make sure you’ll have a plan, you’ll have a community, and you’ll have resources.

Make Your Personal Plan

Online learning at Calbright is flexible, but it still doesn’t happen without planning. Our research shows that students who have a plan of study, built for their lives, that they can stick to, are more likely to earn their certificates quickly and enter the next stage of their careers.

So the first thing we do is help you develop that.

Your success team will work with you to establish your goals: what do you want to achieve? When do you need it? We’ll take stock of other commitments you have and together we’ll put together a learning plan that is realistic and achievable. This plan will be flexible — you can always slow down when life gets hard, and speed up again when you want. The point of the plan is to establish your goals and help get you there.

You’re Not Alone

Once you have your learning plan, you study at your own pace, when you want, where you want. Your success team and instructors will never be more than a click away: reach out any time. We’ll also check in regularly to see how you’re doing, and if we notice you’re falling behind on your plan, we’ll work with you to figure out if adjustments need to be made. Is there something we can help you with? Does the plan need to change?

We’re there for you at every stage: you’re not doing this by yourself.

You’ll also be able to connect with other students! Calbright students, faculty, and staff, are all on a communications program named Slack, which businesses use to keep their teams connected. On Calbright’s Student Slack, you’ll be able to easily connect with others in your program to ask questions, share study tips, and offer each other moral support — as much or as little as you want.

Prepare For Your Next Job

As you’re getting your education, our Career Services staff will work with you to prepare for getting your next job. We’ll find out what skills you already have that employers are looking for, and find ways to put them front and center on your resume. We’ll help develop your LinkedIn profile, find industry connections that can work for you, and prepare you for future interviews. There’s no reason this has to wait until after you’ve completed your program: the services are free and ready when you are.

Get the Resources You Need

Online College and Career Essentials Skills

If you need technology, like a laptop or an internet connection, Calbright’s lending library will provide it to you free of charge. If you need help setting up your technology or working with our systems, we are on call for you.

How you study at Calbright is up to you. Our job is to help you get where you want to go.