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Why Should You Study Data Analysis?

Whether you’re looking to transition into tech or want to advance your current skillset, studying data analysis is a way to expand and improve your future.

Calbright’s new Data Analysis program offers this opportunity. Californians can study in-demand skills needed for this growing industry in an online, free, and flexibly paced model. 

Why go into data analysis? We’ve got five reasons.

1 – In-Demand Skills 

Every industry uses data to drive the decisions it makes, and that means every company needs people who can organize and interpret data. Industries as varied as finance, healthcare, marketing, and technology all rely on data analysts to shape their strategies, optimize their processes, and drive their strategic initiatives. Learning data analysis skills can make you a highly sought-after candidate, even if you haven’t worked in the field before.

2 – Good Salaries and Remote Work

The average starting salary for data analyst roles is $62,000. People with data analysis skills can work at a high paying job in almost any industry, and many of these jobs can be worked remotely. As long as you can access the data, you can do the job.  

3 – Plenty Of Entry Level Jobs

The need for data analysts is growing fast – the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 36% nationwide increase in data analyst jobs by 2031. Currently, there are over 11,000 entry level jobs requiring data analysis skills in California, and the industry is expected to grow by 15.4% statewide over the next decade according to data from Lightcast. Companies need to fill these crucial roles, and many hiring managers are more interested in the skills you have than the degrees on your resume. Jobs like:

  • Data Analysts – who gather, manage and present data in order to answer a question or to solve a problem.
  • Office Administrators – who compile and analyze information from the programs they oversee to understand the impact of decisions, identify alternatives, and make fact-based recommendations.
  • Retail Managers – who drive sales and profitability by assessing processes, understanding the competition, and leveraging insights and feedback to enhance their business model. 

These jobs, and more, are all available to people who demonstrate that they have the right skills. Calbright’s career services team can help connect students to them.

4 – Career Advancement

Data analysis skills, while valuable for securing entry-level positions,are also instrumental for career growth. Competency in data analysis is a vital qualification for advancing in the workplace, whether that’s in senior roles like a data scientist, data engineer, or business analyst, or getting on the executive track in other fields. The ability to understand and recognize patterns within data and present them in a coherent manner is a strong qualification for any job.

5 – Make a Real Contribution    

Working with data means contributing directly to an organization’s decision making process. It is relevant work that leadership turns to when they need to find answers, set strategies, and direct their resources. By learning data analysis, you can have a tangible impact on the success of the organization you work for. 

If you want to study data analysis, Calbright is there with you every step of the way. You’ll have a team working with you, supporting your success both in the classroom and in your job search. Calbright is free to Californians, and we are here to be part of your journey to a better career.

Learn more about Calbright’s program in Data Analysis.

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