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Network Technology

Learn Network Technology to transform your career!

Calbright’s Network Technology (Network+) program will help you learn specific networking skills, how to support networks on any platform, and design and implement functional networks to develop your IT career. Our program prepares you to earn the industry-recognized CompTIA Network+ Certification, and Calbright will cover your exam fee.

What is CompTIA Network+?

CompTIA Network+ certification is an IT certification exam that verifies you have the essential knowledge and skills in networking to develop a career in IT infrastructure.

What can Calbright’s Network Technology program do for you?

  • Learn specific networking skills to support networks on any platform
  • Learn the necessary technical skills to pursue a career as a network technician or other technical IT roles.
  • Become familiar with enterprise network components and communications systems.

Network Technology Program Prerequisite: 

Entry into this program requires one year of prior Information Technology (IT) experience or CompTIA A+ or Security+ certification. 

Enrollees must have fulfilled one of the following:

  • Completion of Calbright’s Information Technology (IT) Support or Cybersecurity program
  • Proof of CompTIA A+, Security+, or equivalent coursework
  • One year of related job experience in any of the following areas, verified and approved by the review panel:
    • Helpdesk
    • Desktop Technician
    • IT/Software Engineering
    • DevOps
    • Site Reliability Engineer
    • Networking
    • Telecom Networks
    • Outside Field Technician

Other qualifications may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you haven’t fulfilled one of these prerequisites, we encourage you to consider our Information Technology (IT) Support program.

The Network Technology pilot cohort is now filled, and the program is currently closed to new enrollees. Please enter your information below to get updates on future enrollment.
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Why do companies need network technologists?

Calbright’s Network Technology program will help you learn network infrastructure, troubleshooting, configuring, and managing common network devices. You’ll participate in hands-on, lab-based learning activities to become familiar with enterprise network components and communications systems. By gaining these foundational technical skills, you’ll be able to pursue career paths like network technician or information security analyst.

According to Lightcast, he demand for network technologists is rising at a rate of 19.3% in California, resulting in over 3,500 job openings, most with a median starting salary of $66,800.

Like all Calbright programs, Network Technology courses are flexibly paced to fit into your busy schedule. The program is designed to reflect labor market insights and the needs of fast-growing sectors, and includes wraparound support for students. Our faculty and our success team, which includes tutors and career services, are with you every step of the way 

The newest addition to our Academic Catalog, with the official name Transition to Technology: Introduction to Networks, this is a pilot program with limited enrollment. Students will receive focused attention from the instruction and support teams and have a chance to help shape the future of the program.

This program is currently free to California residents.

What You'll Learn

Courses in this Program

4-6 weeks

Introduction to Networks

This course introduces the networking architectures, models, protocols, and hardware elements that connect users, devices, applications and data through the Internet and across modern computer networks. Students will learn to build out network infrastructure and troubleshoot, configure, and manage common network devices. This course will help prepare students for an industry-recognized networking certification. Introduction to Networks serves as an entry point to necessary technical skills for students who want to move into careers as network technicians or those who want to work in other technical roles in IT.

8-10 weeks

Introduction to Networks - Virtual Lab

This course provides an introduction to the technical skills necessary for students who want to pursue careers as network technicians or other technical IT roles. Students learn these skills through interactive exposure to networking architectures, models, protocols, and hardware elements that connect users, devices, applications and data through the Internet and across modern computer networks. Students who complete this course will be able to build out network infrastructure and troubleshoot, configure, and manage common network devices. Students participate in hands-on, lab-based learning activities to become familiar with enterprise network components and communications systems.


Topics Covered

Build your knowledge and skills in the core Network Technology areas that help businesses operate. The program covers these topics and more:

Note: While Calbright programs are flexibly paced, enrollment agreements are limited in duration.
Students are enrolled in successive 6-month terms for a maximum program length of three years.

Careers and Outcomes

What can you do with a Network Technology certificate?

The following entry-level roles are examples of positions attainable with the skill set and industry-recognized credential made possible via Calbright's Network Technology program.

Network/Systems Administrator

Network administrators install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair organizations’ network technology systems. Entry-level administrators primarily learn how to maintain company network systems, which may frequently involve supervising network updates, providing user support, and receiving on the job training from other administrators.

Data Center Technician

Data center technicians install and maintain data servers and network equipment, monitor the day-to-day performance of servers, maintain an optimally controlled environment for servers, and troubleshoot network and server problems. They also analyze data, inputting data into network systems, and work closely with other IT team members on network-specific and enterprise-wide projects.

Computer Support Specialist

Entry-level computer support specialists have a range of responsibilities that incldue installing software, maintaining computer systems and related equipment, and providing technical support and troubleshooting with the computers and/or networks for which they are responsible. An entry-level computer support specialist generally handles user training, answering questions, and solving specific end user issues.

We'll help you get there!

No one should have to be in college alone, and at Calbright you’ve got a team working with you, supporting your success. Whether it’s help with your classes, help with technology, or even someone to help connect you to services you need in your life, we are here to be part of your journey to a better career. Together, we’ll transition you into a job in tech.


Over 3,500 entry level jobs requiring network technology skills in California


Median starting salary in network technology


Expected job growth in California in the next 10 years


Jobs, salary, and growth data via Lightcast, November 2023; Example positions via ZipRecruiter job descriptions.

From San Francisco
Cybersecurity graduate

“Calbright’s instructors and counselors were always available to provide valuable emotional and academic support. I wasn’t doing it alone, and now that I’ve got my cybersecurity certificate, I’m looking forward to finding a job where I will gain experience and use my knowledge. Calbright’s career coach and career services staff are helping with that, too. I feel blessed.”

From Los Angeles
Cybersecurity graduate

“I’ve tried everything, and Calbright is up there with the best. The service and support is as good as a full university with degree programs, but it’s free and easy to use. Their courses are aimed towards getting you high-value certifications which are highly pertinent in the field of Information Technology.”

From Simi Valley
Cybersecurity Student

“Calbright has given me hope.

I survived covid but I struggled through the pandemic financially and had to switch gears from being a commercial public transportation driver to multiple hat wearing assistant at my employer. With Calbright I was able to transition into IT and now I am almost done with the Security + training. I longed for an opportunity like this for years, and now I finally get to take my test and advance my career in IT.

I am beyond grateful for the counselors and academic advisor.

I hope I can pay it forward here at Calbright in the near future. Thank you Calbright!”

Calbright Online College IT Degree in California

Your Success Team

Our most important job is your success. Our Student Success team connects you with academic counseling and support, tutoring, career services, accessibility services, and more.


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Calbright is open to all California residents aged 18 years or older who have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

All Californians — regardless of immigration status — are welcome to enroll.

First, our training programs prepare you to earn industry-recognized certifications (via exams offered by third-party providers like CompTIA and Salesforce), proof to employers that you’re ready to succeed in a new career on day one of employment.

Second, every student that completes a program also gets a dedicated team of professional experts that will coach you to be the best version of yourself during your job search.

Third, all of our courses are flexibly-paced and 100% online — designed around your own unique life circumstances so school never gets in the way of other priorities.

Plus, Calbright comes at no out-of-pocket cost to you. Even the cost of the exams to receive industry-recognized certifications (such as the CompTIA A+, Security+, and Salesforce Certified Administrator exams) in your program of choice are covered.

We also offer resources that include (but are not limited to) technology support through our Chromebook and WiFi hotspot lending library; career counseling; and mental health services. All this and more make Calbright a great choice if you’re looking to level up your skillset.

Yes! All of our programs are currently free thanks to public funding from the State of California. That includes program tuition, testing costs, and technology resources like laptops and WiFi devices from our lending library.

Because our programs are free, we don’t need to offer financial aid.

Yes! Calbright was granted accreditation by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission in July 2023, more than a year ahead of the deadline provided in the College’s founding legislation. Accreditation is an important consumer protection that validates the integrity and quality of the College’s academic programs and operations.

Starting an application is easy! If you’re ready to begin your journey with us, click here. If you still have questions or would like to get in contact another way, you’ve got plenty of options.

You can always reach out to and someone from our team will get back with you via email ASAP.

You can also use the webchat function on our homepage, call us at 1-833-956-0225, or even text HELLO to (510) 330-1817.

Calbright’s model is built around the needs of its adult learners. This means students can make progress when it works in their own schedule, whether that’s after your kids have gone to bed, over the weekend, or between shifts at work. Our student support team will work with you when you begin the program to create a realistic timeline to guide you. Timelines are three months, six months, ten months, or 14 months, providing flexibility as well as structure and gentle accountability to help stay on track.

We currently have five online, flexibly-paced training programs: IT Support, Medical Coding*, Cybersecurity, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform Administration, and Equitable Health Impacts: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

These programs are the first of many, with each fitting into wraparound services designed to prepare you for success in the job market.

*Please note that we are currently not accepting new applications into the Medical Coding program.

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Entry into Cybersecurity requires prior IT experience or CompTIA A+ certification.

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