Alex Mata
Assessment & Open Ed Librarian

With a tenure in California's community college system since 2007, I bring experience as a dedicated faculty member. Possessing both bachelor's and master's degrees in Communication Studies, my academic focus has centered on interpersonal communication and gender studies. Committed to enhancing higher education accessibility, I have actively contributed to Military credit for prior learning programs, curriculum development, and virtual learning initiatives. My involvement in the creation and promotion of Open Educational Resources (OER) since 2014 inspired my work in co-authoring multiple publications with colleagues across the state and serving as the discipline expert for OER initiatives. In leadership capacities as a Department Chair, Discipline Lead, and Academic Senate Executive Member, I have used my passion for student-centered approaches to foster inclusivity and collaboration throughout our academic communities.

I believe in the transformative impact of higher education to empower individuals, enrich communities, and uplift societies. This fuels my commitment to invest in open and inclusive academic environments. I aspire to a world where lifelong learning is valued as a defining trait of healthy, happy, and thriving communities.