Cornelius Mason II
Adjunct Instructor

As a seasoned IT Cybersecurity professional, I bring a wealth of experience gained from diverse roles in both the public and private sectors. With over 20 years as a US Navy veteran Cryptologist, I honed my expertise in safeguarding critical information. I've also held positions as a Non-profit Chief Operating Officer, where I managed security initiatives, and in the cybersecurity banking sector, where I protected sensitive financial data. My tenure as a contractor further expanded my skill set.

Now, as I embark on a new journey with Calbright College, I'm excited to share my knowledge with students. I aim to inspire and educate them on the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity, fostering a new generation of skilled professionals. My passion lies in empowering students to protect our digital world and mitigate cyber threats effectively.

I am passionate about being an IT Cybersecurity Instructor at Calbright College because it allows me to empower students with the knowledge and skills to protect digital landscapes. Calbright's commitment to accessible education resonates with me. I aim to mentor students, foster critical thinking, and inspire a new generation of cybersecurity experts.