Dan Juarez
Adjunct Instructor

Daniel Juarez is a highly respected cybersecurity expert with a diverse and progressive career that includes roles in network and cybersecurity engineering, technical training, as well as program management and leadership. His expertise spans various sectors, including the private tech industry, defense, and cyber consulting, with significant contributions to the U.S. Navy's Tactical and Cyber Networks programs. Additionally, Daniel has collaborated with Fortune 100 companies, which has enhanced his understanding of technology's strategic role in top-tier organizations. He holds a Master's in Cyber Security and several industry certifications, demonstrating his commitment to continuous professional growth. Apart from his technical expertise, Daniel is also a trained executive and professional coach, adding a unique dimension to his role as a reputable leader and mentor in the field.

I love working at Calbright because of its innovative approach to online education and its commitment to providing accessible learning opportunities for all, aligning perfectly with my passion for helping people break into the tech industry and achieve their goals.