Denise Temal
Success Counselor

Denise Temal is a member of Calbright's founding faculty and brings over a decade of experience in holistic, equity-based counseling, and life/career coaching. Before joining Calbright, she served as counseling faculty for the North Orange County Community College District, as sole social-emotional counselor for USC’s Legacy College Prep in Santa Ana, and held positions providing psychoeducation and counseling support to adults (including parents) and youth in Orange and LA counties. Denise has worked in education since 2005, often leading the development of equity-based programs and services. Her additional areas of expertise include somatic coaching and nervous system regulation. 

Denise holds an A.A. History, Fullerton College; B.A. American Literature and Culture, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); M.S. Counseling: Student Development in Higher Education, California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)

"My goal is to continue building strong relationships with our adult learners to support them in removing barriers to their holistic success and well-being.”