Elizabeth Biddlecome

Elizabeth spent many years working in various tech industry roles including software engineer, technical lead, engineering consultant, security researcher, and more.

Before Calbright, she taught coding, web development, and game development courses to high school students for non-profit MissionBit. Working with students at San Francisco’s Mission High School and City College of San Francisco, Elizabeth saw the positive direct impacts of bringing opportunity to that student community. She became especially passionate about teaching to underserved populations, where learning skills to enter technology careers could end generational cycles of poverty for students and their families.

Elizabeth has presented workshops and talks at a wide variety of technical conferences. She has taught executives of Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, government agencies, public educators, and non-profit organizations.

At Calbright, Elizabeth serves as Academic Senate Vice President, Curriculum Committee Chair, and as an appointed member of the Chancellor’s Office CBE Collaborative Workgroup.

Calbright represents possibility for innovation, where we work to confront the digital divide, radically changing the landscape of higher education for underserved students. Our modes of instruction excise parts of obsolete educational models that don’t work anymore, in favor of methods that are more relevant and useful to our students.