Michael Franklin
Adjunct Instructor

Michael Franklin, a seasoned professional in the dynamic fields of IT, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, brings over a decade of expertise from the industry. Possessing distinguished certifications from industry leaders such as CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon, and ISC², Michael remains dedicated to his commitment to excellence. Michael's well-connected status within the industry showcases his commitment to staying in lead of the latest trends. As a dedicated faculty member, he significantly contributes to esteemed academic institutions such as Calbright College and Irvine Valley College.

Publicly recognized, Michael has delivered keynote presentations at various conferences across the nation, focusing on the intersection of IT and emerging technologies such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. These presentations highlights his expertise and commitment to shaping educational strategies that align with industry needs. This, coupled with his esteemed certifications from industry giants, positions him as a leading authority in the ever-evolving fields of IT and cybersecurity.

"Sometimes the best advice can really be, have you tried turning it off and on again?" -Michael Franklin

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