Calbright Offers Support For Education Alternatives At Black College Expo Tour

Calbright Staff at the Black College Expo - Oakland

Calbright staff have just finished attending the Black College Expo nine-day tour in three different cities! 

“While Calbright is particularly focused on providing a career enhancing education for working adults, we’re free and available to all Californians with a high school diploma or GED,” said Raul Sarabia, Calbright’s Regional Outreach Coordinator.  “I meet so many talented students at these events, and many of them are looking for an alternative to the traditional college system. It’s exciting to tell them that we’re a California Community College that is reimagining what college can be and how it can work. It’s a message that resonates.”

Raul and other Calbright staff were present at Bay View Baptist Church in San Diego, the Los Angeles Convention Center, and the Oakland Marriott City Center Event Space. Calbright was able to showcase its programs and services to prospective students and connect with community stakeholders interested in getting to know more about the work being done at Calbright, particularly garnering much interest in our competency-based education model, which allows students to move through the material at their own pace. 

“We’re very proud to be supporting the Black College Expo,” Raul said. “These expos are great ways to connect students, parents, and families to positive post-secondary pursuits and create a college-going culture. We  provide resources and services to help students prepare for, enroll in, and graduate from a degree and/or certificate program, including financial aid information and many other resources available for families.”

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