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Diversity is California’s Strength. We’re Proud to Support It

If you choose any two Californians at random, there’s a 70% chance that they will be from different ethnic or racial backgrounds. According to the new census data, that makes California the second most diverse state in America, behind Hawaii.  

In fact, California is now one of five states or territories where white people do not make up the single largest ethic group: 39% of Californians identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino, compared with 35% who say they are white and not hispanic. 

California’s diversity is also growing: Californians who identify themselves as Asian or part Asian grew by 27% over the last 10 years. The percentage who identify as Black grew 5%.

The entire California Community Colleges system is proud to serve such a diverse population. As the system’s only statewide institution, Calbright is particularly aware of both the opportunity and the responsibility it has to create an online educational experience that is welcoming, accessible, and meets the needs of everyone who clicks into our student portal. The majority of our students are people of color, including 33% Latino, 23% who are Black, and 19% who are Asian.  The majority of our students are over 25 years old, and come from all over the state, not just the major population centers of Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Our mission is to support their career goals and aspirations, and help connect them to good jobs, wherever they are in California. 

Reflecting the diversity of our state isn’t just a good thing to do, it’s an essential part of our mission. California is the world’s fifth largest economy, and its diversity is one of its greatest strengths.  

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