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Free CRM Platform Administration Program Makes Students Easy To Hire

There are over 3.7 million positions in the U.S. that utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and that number is expected to grow 9% by 2030. Every kind of business uses it, from tech companies to hospitals to state governments. So there are significant career opportunities for anyone who has the right training.

But training isn’t everything to get a new job in a new field. Students need career support. They need someone on their side who can help them navigate the ins-and-outs of a job search.

It matters that students, especially non-traditional students like working adults, don’t have to go it alone when they’re making a big change in their careers.  

That’s why Calbright’s free program in CRM Platform Administration doesn’t just give someone the skills they need for a valuable Salesforce certification — it also connects them with our Career Services program, which helps students find the right jobs, prepare their resumes, and be ready for interviews.

Getting a Better Job Is Easier When You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Calbright’s free Career Services program helps students with every aspect of their job search, including:

  • Helping them build a resume that will attract the attention of employers working with CRM software
  • Setting up and developing their LinkedIn profile
  • Identifying the kind of job, in the kind of industries in which students want to work
  • Providing networking opportunities with CRM professionals 
  • Getting industry advice through workshops and panels
  • Practice interviews to help students get ready
  • Career counseling and coaching

These are practical, specific, steps that students can take to stand out in the field, which is so important when they’re changing careers and transitioning into technology.

Leverage The Skills You Have For The Job You Want

But Clipper Willis, Calbright’s Career Center Coordinator, says that the biggest step they can take to help students prepare for a career in CRM is to identify what skills the student already has that are in demand, and then helping them talk about those skills – on their resume and in interviews – in a way that will appeal to industry hiring managers.

“As Calbright Students begin to learn both technical and non-technical “soft” skills in the CRM program, we also help them align their unique work histories and experiences to the technology industry,” Willis said. “Many of the skills a student already has are not only transferable, but very sought after in the technology industry. Helping students identify them and put them forward is a key step in landing a Customer Relationship Management Administrator position.“ 

Based on Calbright’s research with hiring managers and recruiters, people tend to excel in CRM positions when they have excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and great interpersonal skills.  

There are a lot of jobs that require these same skills that people don’t see as a stepping stone into technology.  But jobs like classroom assistant, customer service representative, and hospitality support, all routinely use the skills that make for a successful, high paying, CRM job.  Students just need to learn the technical side and know how to talk about themselves in a way that hiring managers will understand.

“It is possible to use the skills you have to position yourself for the job you want,” Willis says. “That’s what we help students do.”

Thousands of people are ready for a new, high paying career in technology. They just need a credential they can get in six months or less, and a little help navigating a new industry.

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