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How Calbright’s Network Technology Program Stands Out

Across California there are thousands of new jobs managing networks. They pay well and businesses need to hire. These jobs don’t require college degrees, but they do require college level skills. 

Calbright has designed its Network Technology program specifically to help working adults get these jobs. Not only does this program help Californians skill up – it’s a unique approach that prepares them for success in both the job market and the workplace. Here’s how:

Fast, Free, and Focused

Calbright is a fully accredited California Community College, but we’re not a traditional school and we don’t offer traditional degrees. We offer free, online programs that adults can take, on their own schedule, to quickly transition their career and get a better job.

Students pay nothing, learn at their own pace, and their classes are entirely focused on the new careers they want to have. Calbright uses an online Competency-Based Education model in which students can learn and study on their own time, on their own schedule – whether that’s an hour first thing in the morning or in 15 minute increments during the day. There’s no rule for how much time you spend in class, or when: we care about what you know and what you’re learning.

Students who already have relevant skills can fast forward their way through those lessons, while students who need extra time to learn can take it without any penalty. We provide a supportive learning environment focused on helping students meet their career goals, and we keep it simple.  

We help you learn on your schedule, based on your needs.  

Industry Aligned

One of the biggest questions for any student looking to improve their career is: am I learning what I need to get the right job?

Calbright answers that question by designing all its programs with industry experts and consulting with company hiring managers to make sure that students are learning what businesses are actually looking for. We focus specifically on the skills industry leaders need.

The Network Technology program is also closely aligned with the industry standard certification, the CompTIA Network+ exam. We even pay the exam fee for students who want to take it, making this industry valued credential accessible to everyone. 

Expert Led

Every instructor in Calbright’s Network Technology program is actively working in the industry. They’re not teaching from a book published last year: they know what students need to know to work in the field today. They know how it works, they know how it’s changing, and they update their lessons and curriculum in real time to reflect that. That means students have access to working professionals as guides and mentors, and they’re getting the same information that industry insiders do.

Learn How To Change

“In this program, you don’t just get the paper, you get the skills,” said Kristina McElveen, an information security analyst who helped design Calbright’s program. “The most important skill is to learn how to learn. The field changes fast, and the most important part of succeeding in the long term is being able to stay on top of those changes. So at Calbright you’re not just getting prepared for getting a job today, you’re getting prepared for success in your whole career.”

Real World Portfolio

Students don’t just do homework, they build up a real world portfolio working with real work problems.  

“Each lab has a practical application course, with hands-on lab assignments, based on what their instructors are actually doing on jobs,” McElveen said. “As students go through each of these challenges, their instructors help them make a blog or a video walking through their process, and then posting that on to GitHub. That way potential employers can see what they’re able to do, can see their skills. Calbright students will be able to showcase their work in the same places that working professionals do, and will have a significant portfolio by the time they graduate.”

Job Search Support 

“There’s a lot that Calbright offers beyond just going to get the qualification,” McElveen said. “We prepare people for the workplace, we prepare them for job interviews, we prepare them to navigate the job search. We help them prepare a portfolio.”

Every student also has access to Calbright’s Career Services team, where they get help crafting an effective resume for the career they want, can conduct practice interviews, and connect with virtual networking events. A personal career coach will be there to support them every step of the way.

Put it all together and Calbright’s Network Technology program is a unique opportunity for working adults to transform their career at no cost and no risk.

Learn more.

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