“It Was All Real, And I Love It” – Meet Randall, a Calbright Graduate

Randall was looking for a way to get new skills and boost his career, but Calbright seemed too good to be true.

“I was really skeptical about Calbright, because it was 100% free,” he said. “That’s too good, there’s no way it’s real! But I went to an orientation session, just to see, and then I was like ‘okay, it is clearly free, but I’m still suspicious.’ Since I didn’t have to pay anything, I signed up to keep going and figured I’d do that until something got sketchy, at which point I’d disappear. But it never got sketchy, it was real coursework, at a real community college, and it was really free, and I love it!”

He completed his Data Analysis program in record time, and is finding new opportunities available. 

Read his story here!

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