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It’s Not Just a Class — It’s Career Readiness

Many working adults who want to start a new, better, career are stymied by three factors.  

The first is that they don’t have the technical skills needed to get a better job.  That’s the one everybody understands.  

But there are two other factors that get a lot less attention that are just as important.

You Already Have Important Skills

Many people think they don’t have skills hiring managers are looking for because they work in “unskilled” jobs.  In fact, there is no such thing as unskilled labor!  Whether you’re a barista,  work in retail, drive a taxi, or are  an administrative assistant — all of those roles, and more, require skills valued by companies that offer high-quality job opportunities!  

When people don’t know that the skills they have are valuable, they don’t put them on their resumes.  When people don’t know how to talk about the skills they have, they don’t describe them in ways that hiring managers understand.  

In fact, the skills you already have are valuable to the places you want to work.  You just have to identify them, and put them forward in a recognizable structure.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

People who are trying to get a job in a new industry often don’t know how to start.  Where do you apply? What should you say on your resume? How do you convince people in a new industry that you’ll be the right fit? 

These are seemingly basic questions, but they’re vital: you can’t find a job that you don’t know how to look for.  Hiring managers in high paying industries are actually looking for you!  They have more jobs than qualified candidates.  You just need to get on that track.

The Education You Need Includes Career Readiness

Calbright College is a new kind of public college designed to help working adults get an education that addresses all three issues.  

  1. We give you the technical skills you need to move into in-demand, good paying, jobs in new industries.
  2. We work with you to find the skills you already have that hiring managers are looking for and help you describe them on your resume.
  3. We connect you with events and workshops in your new industry and offer you a career coach to help figure out where you want to apply and how to get your foot in the door.

We offer this career readiness training to every Calbright student because the point isn’t just to learn new skills — it’s to get the job you want.  Like all Calbright programs, it’s currently free to all adult Californians with a high school diploma or equivalent.

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