Meet Brandy – A Calbright Student

Finding Calbright changed Brandy’s life, and her sense of what a college can be.

“I love that Calbright is designed for the online adult learner first,” Brandy said. “We’re not the afterthought. I love that Calbright is designed for me instead of expecting me to twist myself up into pretzels to try to fit a school. I feel like my needs, my challenges, my struggles, are all taken into account at the beginning, and solutions are offered to me, instead of having me try to chase down the support I need. That has been so wonderful and affirming and encouraging for me, especially coming out of an environment where I felt like I was trying my very best to fit what they wanted and ultimately I couldn’t be that. Calbright supports me in finding my best self, and that has been so amazing.”

Working with Calbright’s Career Services, she’s already found part-time jobs that help her pay her bills while she works on her education and supports her family. “Calbright’s free, but I still needed to have some income while I studied, so one of the first things I did was attended some Career Services resources,” Brandy said. “They helped me put out 20 job applications for the kind of work I wanted to do while I was in school, and after three weeks I had 10 interviews and eight job offers, so I could take my pick. I really credit the support that I got through Calbright’s Career Services with that, so I can make ends meet while I equip myself to find the full-time job of my dreams.”

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