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Millions of new Salesforce jobs make it easy to transition your career to technology

According to a new report, the Salesforce software will generate 9 million new jobs by 2026, and $1.6 trillion in new revenues.  

That means plentiful jobs and higher salaries for people trained and certified in this new technology.  

Salesforce isn’t the only Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in the market, but it is perhaps the dominant one. As companies of all kinds increasingly move to using this platform to keep track of their clients, employees, and connections, workplaces are being reinvented and there is tremendous opportunity for workers of all kinds who want to transition their careers into technology.  Since it requires no coding skills, Salesforce administration is an excellent career move for those new to technical fields.  

They can be confident that jobs will be there, according to the IDC consulting firm.

“Taking the overall economic benefits of cloud computing and winnowing them down to those tied to Salesforce and its ecosystem yields an impressive picture,” the report says, predicting that over 5 million new jobs directly related to the Salesforce software will be developed in the next few years.

Perhaps just as significant, however, is who can access those jobs.  According to the report, one of the biggest advantages companies see in utilizing the Salesforce CRM is their ability to “expand to a less urban workforce” – which 47% of the companies interviewed said they want to do.

That means that many of these millions of new jobs will be available to people who previously couldn’t apply because they didn’t live in the right places.  So these are not only good jobs in a growing industry, they are accessible jobs.  

“(A) major undercurrent in technology development,” the report says, is a new “focus on employee as well as customer needs, adaptation to a world with more distributed workforces, the upskilling and reskilling of employees, and the making of sustainability core to a company’s mission.”

Calbright’s new program in CRM Platform Administration trains Californians with no prior experience in Salesforce software and prepares them to receive an industry recognized certification in Salesforce that hiring managers are looking for. Our career support staff also works with our students to get their resumes in shape, helps them focus their job search, and connects them to the industry.  

It’s all currently free for Californians.  Learn more!

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