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“More Positions Than Candidates” – Transition to a Career in IT Support!

It’s a great time to be an IT technician. According to Computer World, the industry is on track for record breaking job growth in 2021 — and it would be hiring even more technicians if it could find qualified applicants.

“The IT job situation in the US continues to look very much like the pre-pandemic state: more positions than candidates,” their analysis notes.

In all, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that “computer and information technology” occupations are going to continue growing by 13%. That job growth isn’t just happening in the tech industry, it’s happening in every industry: every company uses computers for its business, and needs its network connections to work. That means almost every company on earth either hires IT professionals or contracts with a company that provides them. 

“Growth is spurred by a number of industries, such as healthcare, converting from mainly paper systems to digitized systems, requiring more support and troubleshooting,” Ziprecruiter notes. Growth also comes from smaller companies that rely on IT consultancies rather than in-house IT technicians.

Transition to Tech

IT jobs are also a great way to transition your career into technology, because it’s a career path that’s far less concerned with whether you have a degree and far more concerned with whether you have the skills employers need. That’s why they’re looking for the kind of industry certification that Calbright’s IT Technology Support program prepares you for. 

They’re also looking for the kind of “soft skills” that many workers in other industries have developed. After all, an IT support technician isn’t just fixing a computer or network — they’re supporting the people who use that computer and network. People skills, the kind that cashiers and waiters and office assistants develop, are crucial. That often gives people transitioning into technology a leg up — if they have the right skills.

Calbright’s IT Technology Support program prepares you to get the industry valued credential that shows you have the technical skills, and helps you put your other in-demand skills forward in a way that recruiters and hiring managers will recognize. We work with you on your resume, and support you in your job search.

All Opportunity, No Cost

A recent report showed that career education can be a great investment if you make the right choices. Programs that:

  • Are at a public community college;
  • In a technical field; or
  • That lead to a certification in a relatively short amount of time

Are likely to lead to a job with a better salary that pays for itself quickly.

That’s what Calbrigh’s IT program is: we’re a public, online, community college. Our programs are self-paced, can be completed in less than a year, and lead to valuable technical certifications. 

We also take it to the next level: we’re state-funded, so our programs are currently free for Californians. That means studying for an IT career at Calbright carries no cost, no debt, and no risk.

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