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New Programs, Steps Ahead on Accreditation, and More: Calbright Releases Annual Milestone Report

Each year, Calbright sends a report to the State of California detailing the milestones the College reached that year as we grow and move forward.  

The report for 2021 has been submitted, and as it has been each year since our founding, we are happy to report: Calbright is ahead of schedule.

As part of Calbright’s founding legislation, this year the College was expected to:  

  • Incorporate student feedback to improve the college’s instruction, technology, and student support services.
  • Design and validate at least three additional program pathways, including coordinating the creation of new content.
  • Apply for accreditation from an accreditor recognized by the United States Department of Education.

At every step, these goals were reached or exceeded.  

  • Based on feedback, Calbright has redesigned the student experience in each program to ensure mastery of both the technical and soft skills required for their program.  
  • In partnership with industry, employers, and labor partners Calbright designed and validated five new programs this year:
    • Transition to Technology: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform Administration
    • Upskiling for Equitable Health Impacts: Interpersonal Skills
    • Upskilling for Equitable Health Impacts: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Transition to Technology: IT Helpdesk Technician
    • Transition to Technology: Introduction to Networks
  • We have also applied for accreditation and are ahead of schedule in this important multi-year endeavor. 

Our plans, however, go significantly beyond the requirements of our founding documents. Calbright is leaving its “early start-up” phase, and entering a period of high-quality, rapid growth. We’ve laid out our ambitions in a Strategic Vision Report, which details our expected progress through the end of 2023 alongside a considered and measured plan to get us there.  

Calbright’s future is exciting — by 2023 we plan to have 10 different programs with a total of 5,000 students enrolled and more than 1,200 Californians who have completed a program.

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