“Now I’m Just Where I Want to Be” – Meet Paige, a Calbright Graduate

Paige moved to California last year, but her plans fell through, leaving her alone and without a support network.

“I had to adjust fast,” she said.

Paige had always been interested in IT, “but as a woman growing up, the message I always got was: “math and science, they’re not your thing,” so I never really tried. But now, in California, it seemed like a good time to explore it! I started looking at coding boot camps, seeing what I could find.”

She looked into coding boot camps, but they were too expensive, and she couldn’t take the time off work that they’d require. “I wanted to do something that was self-paced. That was big for me. And I didn’t want to do something that I had to do at a certain time of the day, because my work schedule was crazy.”

Then she found Calbright.

Now, less than six months later, Paige has completed her studies at Calbright and is a full time paid apprentice at Bitwise Industries, working in the tech sector at a job with regular hours.

“Calbright is a place where you can move through a course really quickly if you put the time in,” she said. “Now I’m just where I want to be, and it was free, and anything and everything I can learn in my new opportunity, I’m ready to do it.”

Read Paige’s story, in her own words, here.

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