Offering Opportunities at the Latino College Expo

As California’s first-and-only statewide online community college district, Calbright meets students where they are.  

On Nov. 12, Calbright’s Regional Outreach Coordinator Raul Sarabia was at the Latino College Expo in Sacramento to spread the word that we are reimagining college.

“The Latino College Expo was great!” Raul said. “The event was able to connect students, parents, and families to positive post-secondary pursuits by providing resources and services to help students prepare for, enroll in, and graduate from a degree or certificate program. It also provided financial aid information and many other resources available for families to create a college going culture!”

Calbright, of course, is a free online community college focused on adult learners, and so we have an advantage when it comes to financial aid forms: nobody needs them. We accept all working age California residents who have a high school diploma or equivalent. “Our commitment is to remove barriers to college access,” Raul said. 

But the important thing about events like the Latino College Expo is to help people find the educational opportunities that are right for them, whether that’s a traditional college or a workforce certificate program like those Calbright offers. Connecting people to opportunities and helping them gain access is what matters.

“It’s great to be part of that mission,” Raul said.

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