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Statement on the State Budget Agreement

We – our students, faculty, administrators, and advocates for equity-based solutions in higher education – are extraordinarily grateful that the latest budget agreement includes funding for Calbright. Investment in skills-based online training for underserved communities will help ensure California’s recovery through the COVID-19 crisis, and we are especially thankful for the support our leaders have shown in recognizing Calbright’s role in delivering this training during this difficult time. 

The state’s budget agreement cuts our yearly operating budget from $20M to $15M, and reduces our one-time capital budget by $40M leaving $80M. Though we are still reacting to this information, it is clear at this early stage that changes to our model and/or methods of training delivery will be necessary as we shift toward a leaner operation.

We remain committed to our mission, and will find ways to create spaces for innovative education delivery at scale the best we can with the resources available to us.  We also stand ready to reach those who face the greatest risk in this economic recovery, at a critical time for the California Community College system’s efforts to ensure greater opportunity for all.

Special thanks goes to Governor Newsom and his staff, to legislative members and their staff, to the Chancellor’s Office and their staff, and to our partners in unions and the business community who worked tirelessly to help ensure California is a leader in innovation. All of us are dedicated to solving inequalities in higher education and our economy, and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue this important work.

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