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Supporting you outside the (virtual) classroom is just as important as supporting you in it.

There are a lot of barriers to getting into college.  There might be more barriers to staying there.  

Calbright eliminates those barriers for working Californians by making our programs free, online, self-paced, and something you can take on your own schedule.  But we don’t stop there, because life doesn’t stop for your education.  

We don’t just want you to enroll:  we want you to reach a better future. 

Thats why we provide support and connection for Calbright learners’ lives while they get an education that can level up their career.  

That’s why we’re thrilled to offer our learners access to WellConnect.

WellConnect is free and confidential, real help for real life. They have resources to help with mental health and counseling, housing, finding child care providers, legal matters, issues with finances — basically everything that adult learners struggle with on a day-to-day basis.

When there is support inside and outside the (virtual) classroom, our learners have a better chance for success.

When students sign up to learn with Calbright, they’re never alone. They have academic advisors, faculty that are subject matter experts, and success coaches to help make their educational goals work with their lives. WellConnect is another free program giving Calbright an opportunity to offer truly wraparound services.  

Learn more about the Calbright model.

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