“The Support at Calbright is Exceptional” – Meet Kit, Calbright Student

“This is the third act of my life,” said Kit. “My daughter’s getting older. It’s a chance for me to launch another career. I want to do that. It really motivates me and keeps me going. But at first, I didn’t know how.”

She wanted to start a career in technology, but online classes at other institutions didn’t work for her and coding boot camps were too regimented and much too expensive. 

Then she found Calbright.

“I’ve taken a lot of classes, I’m a lifelong learner, and what I like so much about Calbright is that it has such a holistic approach. That’s different from other self-paced courses I took. The support at Calbright is exceptional,” Kit said.

Now she’s graduated from Calbright’s IT Support program, and has enrolled in the Cybersecurity program. 

“It’s all been an amazing experience. I’ve sent the Calbright link to many of my friends,” she said.

Read Kit’s story, in her own words, here.

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