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There’s A Massive Demand For Cybersecurity Professionals — And It Just Keeps Growing

According to a new report, the United States has less than half the cybersecurity workers it needs to keep up with demand. Companies of all kinds, along with government agencies, hospitals, schools, and nonprofits, all need the cybersecurity workforce to double in size in order to fill their job openings and stay protected in a world filled with digital risks.

“For every 100 active postings, there are a mere 48 qualified candidates,” the report by EMSI says.

That’s millions of jobs waiting to be filled today. The number is likely to increase substantially over time, as the cybersecurity field is expected to grow by 33% by the end of the decade.

You Can Work In Cybersecurity

People who have no technical background may not think they could work in cybersecurity, but in fact it’s a great field to transition into.

“Together, employers, workforce development organizations, and higher ed institutions can reduce the cost of cybersecurity certifications, and communicate the value of these qualifications to a wide range of students in diverse programs,” EMSI notes. “This collaboration will forge good relations between the development and business communities, but more importantly, it will help residents of those communities find excellent jobs.”

California has already taken the lead by creating Calbright — a free online community college open to every adult Californian with a high school diploma or equivalent. People with IT experience can complete Calbright’s Cybersecurity program in less than a year. People without IT experience can take Calbright’s Intro to IT Support program first— which can also be completed in less than a year.

Any Californian who wants to transition their career into cybersecurity can do so — for free, online, at their own pace — entering one of the strongest careers and job markets in the country.

The growing need for cybersecurity professionals is the sound of opportunity knocking, and Calbright is opening the door.

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