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Transition Your Career to Technology as a CRM Platform Administrator

What is a CRM Platform Administrator, and why would you want to be one?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” and a CRM platform — like Salesforce — is the software that companies use to keep track of their interactions with customers, vendors, employees, and everyone else who matters to their business.  

It’s a whole new level of customer service, and companies need employees to manage this software who are both good with people and have technical knowledge about how these platforms work. 

That’s where we come in, with a training program designed to get your skills up to speed.

Here are three reasons why a certificate in CRM Platform Administration is a good career move:

1)  Lots of CRM Jobs in Every Industry — and it’s Growing

“The CRM software market is currently one of the fastest-growing industries, projected to grow at a rate of 14.27% from 2020 to 2027,” according to Business News Daily

That means companies are scrambling to fill positions. Projections by groups like International Data Corporation (IDC) project that the Salesforce CRM alone is going to create millions of new jobs over the next few years — 640,000 in just the manufacturing sector.  

Whatever field you want to work in, they’ll need people who can manage a CRM platform.  Grandview Research estimates that 91% of organizations with more than 10 employees use a CRM system. That means CRM Platform Administrators can work in almost any company, in almost any industry.  

If you want to join an industry where there are plenty of jobs to choose from, CRM Platform Administration is a smart choice.

2)  High Salary Potential

“CRM skills are in huge demand and offer lucrative and fulfilling careers,” said Jeff Pigatto, vice president and global head of the Salesforce practice at Saggezza, a global IT consultancy.  

There are many different jobs available to someone with CRM skills. Payscale estimates that a CRM Platform Manager will earn anywhere from $43,000 – $117,000, with an average salary of $73,000. Ziprecruiter also puts the average at $73,000.  

Managing CRM systems is a career where it’s possible to find high paying jobs, and then use your experience to find even better jobs.  

3)  You Don’t Have To Learn To Code

One of the biggest barriers to starting a new career in tech is the need to learn how to code.  For people with no coding experience, that can be a high barrier — like needing to learn a new language before you can even apply for a job.  

CRM jobs don’t require coding. You’re not learning a programming language, you’re learning how to use software — like how you might learn how to use Microsoft Word or Google Docs. A CRM platform like Salesforce is a database. You’ll need to know how it works, learn its commands, understand what kind of information it needs to be effective, and how to use it to best keep track of and connect with people.  

For many people, that means it’s a great way to transition their career into technology. Calbright’s career support staff will help you work up a new resume, highlight the skills you already have along with the technology you learn, and work to connect you with the industry. 

Start Here.  Succeed Anywhere.  Apply Now.  

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