Student Body Organization incoming officers, President Gloria Ahn, and Vice-President Brand Weaver

“We Can Lift Each Other Up” – Calbright’s New Student Government Is In Session

One year after its inauguration in 2023, Calbright’s student government swore in its second administration – a new group of students with a passion for digital learning and online communities.

“Considering that there was no previous Student Body Organization (SBO) to model, I believe we paved the way for the current SBO to continue to support Calbright’s students and come up with new ways to increase student engagement and the overall experience of everyone involved in the amazing opportunity that Calbright College provides,” said Jeremy Cox, outgoing first president of the SBO. 

On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, the new SBO officers gathered on Zoom and took their oath of office one at a time:

I, (Board Officer’s name), do solemnly affirm that I shall faithfully execute the duties and responsibilities entrusted to me by virtue of office and shall to the best of my ability, assist in preserving, protecting, and enforcing the Constitution of the Calbright College Student Body Organization (CCSBO) as well as advocate for the needs of the students at Calbright College.

The meeting was fast moving and, no-nonsense as befits a group of students who lead busy lives, but the moment had both gravitas and levity.

Incoming SBO President Gloria Ahn was the first to be inaugurated.

Ahn said that one of her priorities will be building community, something she has seen work in online education and that she is personally passionate about.  

“At the end of the day, there are three things that bind all the students together at Calbright College,” Ahn said. “The first is that we’ve started our programs. The second is that we want to finish our programs, and the third is that we want to secure employment. What has worked for me, tremendously, has been the social support, the social network. I really want that sense of belonging and community to live in the virtual space of Calbright College. I know the power of those relationships and friendships, whether it’s with the staff and the faculty or your peers, and how it can positively impact your academics. I want to offer that support to each student at each point in this journey that we all have in common, making sure students feel like they belong, that they’re supported, being each others’ cheerleaders, and lifting each other up, and making that experience as seamless as possible.”

She added that support shouldn’t be limited to academics or social clubs. “For myself, what I want is an opportunity for whole body wellness. Like mindfulness, or maybe we have a Zoom dance class, or offer cardio classes. The important thing is to understand that students really need whole body health. When your baseline needs are consistent and well taken care of,  your success will reflect that.”

After all the oaths of office were taken and the appointments made, Chris Perez, the staff advisor to the SBO  said ominously, “Now … the work begins.”  Then a moment later: “Just kidding.  It’s not that bad.”

The current SBO officers are:

  • Gloria “Glo” Ahn, President,  Data Analysis student
  • Brandy Weaver, Vice President, Data Analysis student
  • Jeremy Cox, Chief Executive Assistant, IT student
  • Elizabeth “El’ Walders, Commissioner of Alumni Relations. CRM alumna
  • Deanna Warren, Commissioner of Student Support Services, CRM student
  • Alicia Rangel, Events Coordinator, IT student

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