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What Is Project Management?

When workplace tasks get complicated, project managers keep it simple. That’s why they’re in such demand.  

Project managers plan, organize, and oversee the workplace processes that achieve important goals. They work with people, manage resources, and coordinate events so that objectives happen in a timely, effective manner..

They take difficult challenges and make them achievable. People who can do that are valued in almost every business, in every industry, from big tech companies to small school districts, from hospitals to city halls.

What Does A Project Manager Do?

When an organization sets a major goal, they’ll turn to project managers to initiate the project, making sure everyone is clear on its scope and objectives. Project managers will break the job down into manageable tasks through a planning process that clarifies what everyone on the project needs. They prepare the budget and then set the plan in motion, coordinating people and resources. They monitor the process to make sure everyone stays on course. 

When the project is complete, they make sure the goals have been met and document what happened, while listing the success as well as the challenges for future projects. They prepare the final reports and present them to executives.

Then they start again with a new important project, setting it up, executing the plan, and making sure the next set of goals are met. 

The Right Skills For The Right Job

Some of the key tasks that project managers do include:

  • Organizing systems: From budgets to timelines to calendars, project managers make sure that everything in the system is where it’s supposed to be and nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Running meetings: Project managers will often run team meetings where everyone reports on the progress they’re making and the challenges they’re facing. 
  • Navigating stakeholders: Many people and departments are impacted by large projects. A lot of people will want input on those projects and to be informed about progress. Project managers are the point people for navigating these relationships and making sure everyone is up-to-date and their voices are heard.
  • Creating reports: Every project needs documentation. Project managers create the plans that the teams use and the reports to executives that detail results. 

What You’ll Need To Succeed

Calbright’s Project Management certificate program covers all of these areas, introducing students to the basics of project methodology and the different lifecycle phases of a project. 

Students will learn how to design projects, prepare timelines, anticipate challenges, manage stakeholders, and develop critical communications. They’ll be trained to understand the scope of projects and how company culture will impact the projects they oversee. They’ll learn about budgeting, collaboration, and strategic decision making. 

Learn more.

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