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What Kind Of Job Can You Get With a Credential In Network Technology?

Everything anyone does online requires a network, and the stability, security, and efficiency of networks has become a big, and growing, business. 

There are over 3,500 new job openings for network technologists in California – and that’s rising at a rate of 19.3%. The median starting salary for those jobs is over $66,000.

That’s why Calbright has a new program, Network Technology, to help people new to the tech industry get those skills and find a job that fits.

What kind of jobs are they?

New Jobs For New Network Professionals

The most common entry level jobs for someone with an industry recognized networks credential, like the CompTIA Network+ Certification, is for a Network Analyst, a Network Administrator, or (with some work experience) a Network Engineer. These are the people who manage, run, or even build the network infrastructure that companies do business on. 

Any company that has its own network will need to have someone like that on staff, or hire a service provider that does. 

But in fact there are a variety of positions available. 

They include Data Center Technicians, who install and maintain data servers. They include Computer Support Specialists, who work directly with users who are having network issues that need to be resolved. They include IT Consultants, who come in from the outside to analyze networks and offer businesses advice on how to improve them. They include Help Desk Technicians who are on call to offer support. 

Where You Work And What You Do For Your New Job

People with these skills don’t just work in one industry. Every kind of business, from hospitals to retail stores, from local governments and libraries to Fortune 500 companies, will have network professionals on staff. At smaller companies, they’ll usually hire generalists: people who do a bit of everything. At bigger companies, they tend to hire people for every aspect of their network – security specialists, customer support specialists, technicians who troubleshoot issues, and more.

All of these jobs are available across California, and are accessible with the kind of knowledge and credentials students will get from Calbright’s Network Technology program. 

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