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What Makes Calbright’s Project Management Program Unique

Calbright is well known for reimagining college and creating innovative online courses – and our new Project Management certificate program does just that!

It’s a Calbright course, so it’s already:

  • Flexible: Students study at their own pace, on their own time. Whether you can study in the mornings before work, on a break in the afternoon, or in 15 minute increments at night, our schedule fits your schedule, 
  • Fast: How long the program takes is up to you, since it’s flexibly-paced, but it’s designed to be completed in under a year. That means you’ll be entering the next stage of your career soon!
  • Free: All Calbright programs are currently free for Californians. No tuition, no fees, no cost. We take the risk out of college.

Our Project Management certificate program takes this a step further, integrating real-world work and real-world experiences into the program. By the time they graduate, every student will have a portfolio of work from actual companies, in addition to making industry connections to advance their job search..

Become A Project Manager By Gaining Real Experience While You Study

Calbright has integrated our project management certificate program with the Riipen learning platform, which connects online students with active companies with real work to do. In each class, project management students will work on managing actual projects with professionals in the industry. 

This will give our students a chance to cultivate real-world skills and experience, network with industry professionals, and a portfolio of completed projects that students can use in their job search.

They’ll be ready for a new career in a field that’s hiring, with real work experience, industry contact, and a meaningful portfolio, at no cost. 

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