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What’s Calbright’s Story? A New Video Can Tell You

Calbright is a new and different kind of college – we’re free, online, and flexibly paced for working age Californians. In that sense, the most common questions we get are often the most basic, like “Are you real?” and “How do you work?”

A new three minute video explains where we come from,what we are, and where we’re going.

Here’s what Calbright’s president has to say:

“The legislation that founded Calbright was really incredible. Instead of saying we were going to create a new online college, it was saying ‘We’re going to better serve a community of learners that have been left behind, and to design a college from the ground up looking at it from the perspective of learners and prospective learners who would otherwise not have an access point in our higher education system.’”

Here’s what Calbright student Brandy Weaver said:  

“It was literally the lowest risk highest reward decision I’ve made in my life, and it has already been life changing.”

Take three minutes and see why Calbright is a game changer for higher education, and a life changer for so many students. And yes, we are real. 

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