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Who’s Hiring For Cybersecurity Positions? Everyone. Time To Make A Career Change!

The more work happens online, the more cybersecurity jobs there are to fill.  

In 2021 there are 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions. The job growth for people with cybersecurity skills and credentials is enormous, and it’s going to keep growing: the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 33% increase in cybersecurity jobs this decade, with a median salary of just over $100,000.  

Since every industry — and virtually every company in the world — is using online databases and transactions, cybersecurity experts are needed everywhere, from healthcare and education to manufacturing and retail, and more.  

It’s a cutting-edge field that needs more qualified applicants, and it promises to pay them well.

You can be one of them.

Get Credentialed!

Cybersecurity is a field where what you know matters a lot more than how you studied. That means there’s an opportunity to transition your career into technology relatively quickly.

All of Calbright’s programs are flexibly paced, so just how quickly you want to move is up to you:  you set your own schedule. If you have prior IT experience, we can prepare you to earn one of the industry’s most valued security credentials in a year. If you have no prior IT experience, then by combining our IT program and our cybersecurity program we can prepare you to get the qualifications you need and enter the cybersecurity field in under two years — and you’ll be qualified to get an IT job halfway through.

If you’re in a hurry and able to put in the work, it can go even faster. If you need to study around other obligations in your life, we are built to accommodate whatever circumstances may arise.  

All Opportunity, No Cost

A recent report showed that career education is a great investment if you make the right choices. Programs that are:

  • At a public community college;
  • In a technical field
  • That leads to a certification in a relatively short amount of time

Are likely to lead to a job with a better salary that pays for its education quickly.

That’s what Calbright’s cybersecurity program is: we’re a public, online, community college. Our programs are self-paced, can be completed quickly, and prepare you for valuable technical certifications. 

But we also take it to the next level: we’re state-funded, so our programs are currently free for Californians. That means studying for a cybersecurity career at Calbright carries no cost, no debt, and no risk.

Find out more!

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