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Why Should You Study Project Management?

Every industry is looking to hire people who can manage complicated projects from beginning to end. 

The Project Management Institute estimates that in just a few years there will be 87.7 million jobs related to project management nationally!

Here in California, project management jobs are expected to grow by more than10%over the next decade – adding almost 4,000 new jobs with an average salary of $75,000.

Whether you’re looking for a new career or to enhance your current one, studying project management is a great way to access the options you want. 

Skills You Can Take Anywhere

The professional skills taught in project management courses can be applied to virtually any industry. Fortune 500 companies, universities, tech start-ups, retail stores, government agencies, entertainment companies, manufacturing plants, and more, all require the “cat herding” organizational and communication skills that project managers bring to the table. That means qualified project managers have exceptional career mobility; they’re able to advance within an industry as a specialist or transition to and from jobs in different industries, getting a wide breadth of experience.  

A certificate in project management is a strategic choice for people looking to advance their career.

What You’ll Learn

In Calbright’s Project Management program, you’ll be taught by working experts in the field, work with real-world projects and employers, and develop your own professional portfolio demonstrating not just that you have knowledge, but also experience, in: 

  • Creating detailed plans and reports for new and ongoing projects
  • Running meetings with project teams and program managers
  • Communicating about the project with stakeholders, executives, and team members
  • Interviewing for teams
  • Critical thinking and collaboration

And how to apply these skills to different kinds of projects, in different kinds of company cultures.

Good Jobs With Meaningful Impact

The modern workplace changes fast, and people who can adapt to new challenges and lead a team to find solutions are able to navigate the changing career landscape.  

A certificate in project management can open doors to new career opportunities and promotions. Many leadership and management roles require project management skills. 

Perhaps the most satisfying part is that project managers take on meaningful tasks in their organizations: their work matters. At the end of each project, they’re able to see a clear picture of what they’ve achieved. 

Learn more about Calbright’s Program Management certificate.

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