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Calbright, Bitwise Industries Announce Launch of Inaugural Cohort of Technology Apprentices 

Calbright Graduates Start Paid Apprenticeships in In-Demand Tech Skills

Sacramento, Calif., April 24, 2023 – Today, Calbright College and Bitwise Industries announced the launch of their inaugural cohort of technology apprentices based in Oakland, California. Nine Calbright graduates will begin their year-long, paid apprenticeships this week, focusing on in-demand and growing technology disciplines like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and technology support. 

“This partnership underscores Calbright’s mission to connect a diverse range of Californians with the necessary skills and education for in-demand jobs. Bitwise’s apprenticeship model sets Calbright students up for success all while paying them a living wage,” said Michael Younger, vice president of workforce, strategy, and innovation at Calbright College. “We recognize that many Californians are forced to choose between putting food on the table or investing in their education. Calbright’s design ensures our student body – most of which are over 25 years old and more than 70% identify as members of the BIPOC community – can do it all on their own time. Our partnership allows us to connect students with paid learning opportunities following completion of their flexibly paced program. We look forward to see what our apprentices accomplish and how we can scale this partnership’s success moving forward.”

According to data from Lightcast, California has had more than 9,800 job postings over the past year that require CRM skills and qualifications. The median salary for these roles is $63,000. This cohort of apprentices, which includes graduates from Calbright’s Customer Relationship Management Platform Administration and Information Technology Support programs, will gain hands-on training in these marketable skills under the direction of Bitwise Industries senior level developers. Apprentices will earn $25 an hour for these full time positions while developing and implementing their learned skills. 

“This partnership aligns with our mission of providing pathways to high wage, high growth quality tech jobs through training of in-demand skills,” said Bitwise Industries’ Chief Workforce Officer Michelle Skoor. “This type of collaboration is an example of how organizations across sectors can directly invest into creating a diverse and equitable workforce with underserved individuals.”

Bitwise Industries has trained over 15,000 individuals from underserved communities, 80% of whom have gone on to find technical employment with a salary range between $60,000 to $80,000. Calbright’s partnership with Bitwise Industries is a direct reflection of the College’s commitment to expand learning and job opportunities to California residents, regardless of age, income, or zipcode.

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