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Calbright College Releases 2022-2023 Annual Milestone Report

College Highlights Program Development, Enrollment Increase, and Overall Progress

Sacramento, Calif., August 3, 2023 – Calbright College released its annual Milestone Report for the 2022 to 2023 fiscal year, highlighting the College’s growth and progress now more than halfway through its seven-year start-up period. In the last fiscal year, Calbright’s enrollment increased by 167%, certificates of completion grew by 146%, and the College designed and validated 11 new programs—for a total of 17—among other milestones fulfilling legislative requirements. The momentum has carried into the new fiscal year, as well – Calbright was granted accreditation by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission in late July 2023.

“Calbright is on a strong upward trajectory. Conversations have shifted from ‘What is Calbright and why is it different from any other community college?’ to ‘This College could have helped me or a family member.’ or ‘How can we work together to connect more Californians to education opportunities?’” says Calbright President and CEO Ajita Talwalker Menon in the report. “We’ve partnered with organizations like UC Irvine’s School of Education to test and implement student-centered improvements to our operations, and also launched the College’s inaugural Student Body Organization to ensure students have opportunities to engage regularly with Calbright as we iterate and evolve during our start-up period.”

Calbright continues to meet or exceed every legislative requirement outlined in its founding legislation and complete recommendations made by the 2021 state auditor report. This year’s Milestone Report outlines how the College has achieved the following:

  • Designed, validated, and received Board of Trustees approval for 17 programs in total, with 11 new programs this fiscal year;
  • Increased student enrollment by 167% in the last fiscal year;
  • Partnered with fellow education institutions and organizations to increase student success and secure a path to employment for students; and,
  • Incorporated student feedback to improve the college’s instruction, technology, and student support services.

The College’s sustained growth and development illustrates the urgent demand for open access institutions, like Calbright, to exist and meet the needs of adult learners across California. Calbright anticipates these upward trends will persist and run counter to the long-term enrollment decline in the California Community Colleges system, which has fallen from 1.85 million students in the fall of 2008 to 1.28 million in the fall of 2022. The progress outlined in this Report advances our mission to serve as a statewide workforce catalyst by meeting students where they are and supporting working adults who lack easy access to traditional forms of higher education and workforce training.

Calbright’s Milestone Report, published on July 31, 2023 as required by its founding legislation, is available on the College’s website here

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