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April 29, 2021

Contact: Taylor Huckaby
Phone: 916-524-887

Sacramento, CA — Calbright College, California’s first statewide fully digital community college dedicated to adult learners who seek career training, today released its three-year Strategic Vision plan. The Strategic Vision sets Calbright’s overarching direction for the next three years, as it shifts from an early launch phase into high-quality growth.

“I’m excited to present Calbright’s Strategic Vision, which sets ambitious goals to drive us towards a new phase of high-quality growth over the next three years,”  said Calbright President & CEO Ajita Talwalker Menon. “Amidst a global pandemic that has surfaced deep inequities throughout California and across the country, building a state-wide public, online, skills-based college designed around the unique needs of working adults is mission-critical. The Strategic Vision sets a course for the college to advance new solutions responsive to the realities communities are faced with, navigating economic uncertainty towards a more inclusive economic recovery.”

“I am excited about the critical work being done collaboratively with Calbright faculty, staff, students, and system partners, and am excited to make the most of the opportunities and challenges we have before us over the next three years,” said Calbright Board of Trustees President Pamela Haynes. “This work is valuable and necessary, and I’m proud to support it.”

With these benchmarks for success in place, Calbright is well-positioned to begin adding additional program pathways to its educational offerings, including the Customer Relationship Management administration pathway launched in April and additional programs launching in the coming months focused on in-demand skills in technology and health care.

The strategic vision sets out ambitious but achievable goals, with Calbright expecting by 2023 to have achieved:

High-Quality, Scalable Growth

Programs: Calbright has launched 10 new programs, including at least one developed with another CCC.
Enrollment: 5,000 students enrolled, with 75% from focus populations.

Student Success

Completion: 1,200 students have completed a Calbright program.
Labor Market Outcomes: Between 250-550 students (depending on pace of economic recovery) have attained a positive labor market outcome.


Partnerships: Calbright has engaged 20 external partners. 
Governance: Calbright’s participatory governance structure is in place.


Calbright has operationalized innovation to drive student success and high-quality growth.

Shared Gains

CBE: Calbright actively shares growing expertise in designing and delivering online, competency-based education (CBE) programs for working learners.
Research & Development: Calbright’s R&D opens doors to innovation at other colleges, and informs workforce and economic development efforts.
Common Challenges: Calbright will identify and solve common challenges faced by working learners and community colleges. 


Candidacy: Calbright will have completed the accreditation application process by the end of 2021.
Accredited: Calbright will be fully accredited ahead of schedule by the end of 2023.

Positioned for Acceleration and Influence

Acceleration: At the end of 2023, Calbright is ready to scale enrollment by 50% (to 7,500) the next year and keep growing, resources permitting. 
Influence: Calbright has become a nationally recognized model for innovation and equity in serving adults without degrees.

A version of the Strategic Report meeting full accessibility standards for the web is also available here.

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