Calbright Launches Network Technology (Network+) Program

SACRAMENTO, Calif., December 11, 2023 – Today, Calbright College launched its new Network Technology (Network+) program and is now enrolling an initial cohort of students. The program’s curriculum will dive into network maintenance and administration and offer training for an industry which is expected to grow by more than 19% in California over the next decade. The program also will provide students with the technical skills needed to prepare for the industry-recognized CompTIA Network+ exam and positions in the information technology sector. 

“Calbright is excited to launch our new Network Technology program to prepare adult learners with the in-demand technical skills to support networks on a wide variety of platforms,” said Dr. Katrieva Jones Munroe, Dean of Learning Innovation at Calbright. “This curriculum provides students with lab-based learning content that they can add to their professional portfolios to advance their careers, and it will set learners up for success to design and implement functional networks across the IT infrastructure world.” 

Calbright’s Network Technology program will introduce students to network administration with a focus on creative problem solving to ensure a network’s functionality. The program focuses on networking architectures, models, protocols, and hardware elements that connect users, devices, applications and data through the internet and across modern computer networks. Students will learn how to assess, configure, secure, and troubleshoot networks – skills that align with entry-level jobs like systems administrator, data center technician, or computer support specialist. This program has prerequisites and is for individuals who have experience in IT. To enroll, students must have passed the CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Security+ certifications, or completed Calbright’s IT or Cybersecurity programs (or demonstrate equivalent coursework). Students with related work experience may also enroll in the Network Technology program following evaluation of experience by Calbright faculty.

There are nearly 3,000 job postings statewide requiring network technology skills. As students complete assignments in this program, they will also build a portfolio using GitHub, a code hosting platform, and a resume to showcase their work for future employers. Calbright’s integrated support services also provide career development opportunities, like mock interviews, resume review, industry workshops, and one-on-one and group academic and career counseling.

Calbright’s student body recently surpassed 3,700 and the College continues to grow to meet the needs of adult learners across California, building programs based on industry analysis of in-demand skills for today’s labor market. The launch of the Network Technology program marks the second in three months for Calbright, which announced its Data Analysis program in September 2023. The College plans to expand its education offerings in early 2024 with a Project Management program, among others in the coming months.


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