Brandi’s life changed after she contracted covid in 2020, and it turned into a long struggle. Major symptoms lasted for over three months, and Brandi wasn’t able to return to work for over a year.

“After all that lost time,” she said, “I knew I had to pivot. I had to do something to get ahead.”

Brandi works in Los Angeles at a start-up that just went public, and saw that the fastest way to advance was to become an expert at using Salesforce.

“We use Salesforce all the time,” she said. “There’s opportunities for people who have expertise in it. I want to grow with my company, and I believe this can be the next step for me.”

So Brandi looked around, trying to find the best option to get a valuable Salesforce credential in a short time.

That’s where she found Calbright.

“I did my research, and this was a good fit for me, and it’s free.”

She says the experience has been better than she thought an education could be.

“I really like the modules. I really like the flow. It’s easy to digest, and it’s fun,” Brandi said. “I work nights, so at night is when I really get a chance to sneak away and study. And I actually want to get on the computer and read for class.”

Brandi’s confident that this can lead to a good next step. “Companies use Salesforce for everything,” she said, “and there’s a lot of room for advancement.”