I’m Williams, and I live in Los Angeles. I like studying at Calbright so much that I’m now getting my third certificate from them. But it’s not just that I like studying here: the company I worked for closed early in the pandemic, and I needed a new job. A better job. Calbright helped me get a job I love as a cloud systems engineer, and it’s changed my life. 

I had never heard of Calbright College when I saw an ad for it on Facebook. It said they’d help me get my CompTIA A+ certification for free. I almost didn’t trust it, it seemed too good to be true. I was worried that they were just going to try to collect my information. But I wanted to get a job in tech. I knew that getting that certification would be good for my career. I just didn’t know how. So I took a chance and clicked on the ad and filled out the form. 

They got back to me right away! The program really was free, and they made getting into it very easy. 

Studying at Calbright was amazing. The professors responded to everything I asked, and were very helpful. People with Calbright weren’t just helpful with my classes, though, they were also helpful with my whole job search. They helped me create my resume and develop it. They helped me create my LinkedIn profile, and optimize it. I took advantage of everything Calbright has to offer.

I didn’t pass my A+ certification exam the first time I tried, but Calbright kept working with me and I took it again and passed it. At this point I’d decided that cloud systems is a hot field, and so I wanted to go into that. So I re-enrolled for Calbright’s cybersecurity certificate, and the more I studied the easier it got. It only took about six months, and I passed my CompTIAA Cybersecurity exam on the first try.

While I was studying for Calbright’s cybersecurity certificate, a recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn about a job in cloud systems. Everything we’d done worked: soon I had a job offer, and I really like my new work.  And now, even though I already have a new job, I’ve decided to keep studying at Calbright and get my CRM Platform Administration certificate, too.  I’m also a student tutor at Calbright, helping other students learn the material and prepare for their own tests. I like that I’m helping people like me get a better future.

If I didn’t get the IT certificate at Calbright, I probably would not be here now. That triggered everything else that happened afterwards. I’m happy that Calbright is doing this in California: there are a lot of students who do not go through the more standard ways of going to college and universities. Calbright makes it easy and simple. It helps a lot of people break into tech.