Ashley Odell

Ashley Odell has worked in career services and instruction since 2012. Her background includes 6 years as a career counselor at the University of California, Davis and a year at the Tri-Valley One Stop Career Center providing services for un/underemployed and disadvantaged adults. At American River College, Woodland Community College and Las Positas College, she has promoted student success and career development both in the classroom and in counseling sessions. She has conducted workshops, webinars and remote coaching promoting career and personal growth and human thriving through applying concepts stemming from positive psychology. Ashley also has training and experience in mindfulness and meditation, helping individuals manage stress and build wellbeing. She holds a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Center, a Master of Arts in Counseling from San Jose State and a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from UC Berkeley.

I am honored to take an inclusive approach to career development education through teaching career readiness: how to find jobs and thrive in them. Technical skills are not enough; I support students in developing approaches that help them build resilience, communication, and apply growth mindset and self-compassion in the workplace.