Gustavo Demoner
Department Chair

Prof. Demoner stands out as a dynamic Learning & Development Thought Leader passionately committed to empowering individuals and teams. His approach nurtures innovation and drives outstanding results. He has actively promoted growth and positive change in schools, communities, and businesses, placing a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusiveness. Before embarking on his extensive teaching career, Prof. Demoner made significant contributions in various leadership roles. He co-founded startups, spearheaded strategy and innovation initiatives, and served as the Vice-President of Consulting in Latin America. He has taught overseas and at California Community Colleges, CSU, Loyola Marymount, and Xavier University. Holding an MBA in International Business, he's also certified in Machine Learning and Innovation.

Calbright embodies my vision of an ideal college by prioritizing students, embracing technology and innovation, and empowering individuals to improve their own lives and those of their families. I am grateful for being part of a team that supports positive social change.