Jessica Schaid
Curriculum & Assessment Faculty

Jessica Schaid is a Faculty member at Calbright College with a strong focus on equity in education for adult learners. She brings over 20 years of experience in curriculum and assessment development, program management, and curriculum design in diverse educational settings. Her expertise in Curriculum and Assessment, coupled with her commitment to Instructional Design, empowers her to craft educational experiences uniquely suited to adult learners' diverse needs. Skilled in designing Competency-Based Education assessments and adept at leveraging technology for remote learning, Jessica effectively minimizes educational barriers. Her proficiency in data analysis and remote team building positions her as a key figure in fostering equitable and inclusive learning environments. Jessica's innovative approach and problem-solving capabilities make her a vital contributor to Calbright College's mission of expanding educational opportunities for adult learners across California.

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"I am passionate about breaking down barriers in education. My goal is to empower learners with skills and knowledge that transform their lives, fostering an environment where every student can achieve their fullest potential, regardless of their starting point."