“Calbright helped me get a job I love as a cloud systems engineer” – Meet Williams, a Calbright Alumnus

The more Calbright grows, the more success stories we hear. 

Calbright has only been open to students for three years – and one of those years was a “beta test” where we were working with a very small number of students. But as our numbers of students and graduates grow, we’ve heard from more and more people that their time at Calbright has helped them get a better job and reach a better life.

We’ve heard that from Hector, who studied in our IT Support program and got a job working with robots before he even graduated. 

We’ve heard it from Michael, who now has a job as an IT Support specialist.

We’ve heard it from Alana, who got a job in IT while still a Calbright student, and then got a raise at her job after she graduated.

We’ve heard it from David, who completed our Cybersecurity program and now works for a company that teaches cybersecurity.

Most recently, we’ve heard it from Williams, who told us: “The company I worked for closed early in the pandemic, and I needed a new job. A better job. Calbright helped me get a job I love as a cloud systems engineer, and it’s changed my life.”

Williams is an unusual Calbright student. After he got the job he was looking for, he re-enrolled to keep studying for another certificate.  He’s completed our courses in IT Support and in Cybersecurity, and is now studying CRM Platform Administration.

There’s no reason for him not to: he enjoys the coursework, the skills he’s learning are valuable, and Calbright courses are all currently free to Californians.  

Read all of Williams’ story here.  

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