“I’d found a flexibly-paced, no-cost online college.”- Meet Jeremy, a Calbright Student

After almost thirty years working in restaurants, the pandemic pushed Jeremy out of work and into the role of a stay-at-home dad.

“I’d pretty much accepted that I would be working at restaurants for the rest of my professional life,” he said. But it turned out that being at home with his two young children was a good thing for his family, so instead of finding another restaurant job now that dining is open again, he’s looking to transition into a new career. A career that offers remote work.

“If I’m going to train for a new career, I need to be able to do it around the schedule of our young kids,” he said. 

That’s why he’s going to Calbright. 

“I’d found a flexibly-paced, no-cost online college that takes all the noise out of traditional education and provides a curriculum that is fine-tuned to the specific areas of study that are necessary to learn and gain the knowledge to be hired,” he said. “This was right up my alley in terms of being self-paced and letting me log on at 10 at night and do my studies after the kids go to bed. I jumped in with both feet and started learning and taking advantage of all the things that Calbright has to offer.”

Read more of Jeremy’s story, in his own words.

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