Meet Khris – a Calbright CRM student

Khris, who lives in San Diego, has been in cosmetology since she was in her senior year of high school. First she was a successful stylist, then she taught cosmetology for almost 20 years. 

Now she’s looking for a career change. 

“I want to start my own consulting business for other cosmetologists, I want to teach people already in the field what I learned, and help them take their customer service to the next level,” she said. “But I also need to pay my bills while I set this up! Ideally I’d like to get a nice salary for a part-time job in tech, where I can work remotely, so that I can pay my bills as I build my business.”

She decided to go into CRM Platform Administration: not only are there plenty of good jobs available to people with those skills, but it’s a tool that she’ll need to use in her own business.

She came to Calbright because it’s a free online community college, but she found that the support she received was the real value.

“At first it was a little bit daunting to have someone asking ‘how are you doing?’ ‘what do you need?’ but then it was nice to have that person there to talk to,” she said.

Read Khris’ story here.

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