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Step Into 21st Century Jobs With Free Training And Career Readiness Classes

SmartAsset has conducted a study that shows which high paying jobs will have the most opportunity over the next decade, and here’s the good news: Calbright offers free training for several of these roles specifically, or in the sector more broadly. 

Among the jobs SmartAsset predicts to have the most growth and the best salaries are:

Information Security Analysts – the average salary is over $100,000 (though starting salaries are likely to be ower), the field is expected to grow by more than 30%, and Calbright offers classes that prepare students to earn the CompTIA Security+ certification.

Computer and Information Systems Managers – the average salary is over $100,000 (though starting salaries are likely to be lower), the field is expected to grow by over 15%, and Calbright has a free online certificate program that prepares students for the CompTIA A+ credential.

Nurse Practitioners – the average salary is over $100,000 (though starting salaries are likely to be lower), and the field is expected to grow by over 40%. While Calbright doesn’t offer a certificate program to become a nurse practitioner, we do offer continuing education programs for nurses, helping nurses to take their careers to the next level.

This is all in addition to our program in CRM Platform Administration, which is another field that, according to experts, is expected to have many job openings for positions with good salaries.  

Fast, Free Certificates for Technology Careers

Calbright is reimagining college so that Californians can get free online certificates in cybersecurity, information technology, Salesforce administration, and other fast growing fields that need qualified workers for good jobs. We don’t just offer classes: we offer career readiness.

  1. We give you the technical skills you need to be ready to move into in-demand, good paying jobs in new industries.
  2. We work with you to find the skills you already have that hiring managers are looking for and help you describe them on your resume.
  3. We connect you with events and workshops in your new industry and offer you a career coach to
  4. help figure out where you want to apply and how to get your foot in the door.

We offer this career readiness training to every Calbright student because the point isn’t just to learn new skills — it’s to get the job you want.

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