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The Need For Tech Workers, In Every Industry, Is Growing

A recent report from National Public Radio (NPR) on the future availability of tech jobs, especially for people looking to enter the tech sector for the first time, estimates that 51% of tech workers are now employed outside of the tech industry.

The report states: “Silicon Valley may have been rocked by massive layoffs for the last half-year, but tech jobs remain plentiful in the U.S., opening doors to stable and potentially lucrative careers even for those without college degrees.”

The story quotes Dana Peterson, chief economist at The Conference Board, who predicts “labor shortages over the next decade, as new technologies come online and more jobs become automated.”

That’s because almost every company uses technology today. Real estate companies need IT support staff; school districts need Salesforce administrators; retail chains need cybersecurity experts. 

When every industry, and nearly every company in it, needs tech workers, workers with the right skills are going to be in high demand.

The jobs are available – the key is to train and connect the people who want them. That’s where Calbright comes in. By creating fast, flexible, and accessible opportunities for non-traditional adult students to learn new skills, help them earn industry valued certifications, and then support them through their job searches, Calbright makes it possible for new workers to take these jobs.  

When over half the tech workers are employed by companies outside of the tech industry, the world’s going to need a strong pipeline of qualified workers. Calbright is seizing this opportunity to support Californians and make the economy better.

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