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It’s a Great Economy for Transitioning Your Career to Tech – Here’s How

Despite news coverage of recent tech industry layoffs, America’s job market remains historically strong, especially for people with tech skills like IT Support and Salesforce Administration.

That’s because only a few very prominent tech companies are laying off workers. Other companies, across multiple sectors, are desperate to hire and keep employees, as The New York Times points out, noting that “the historically strong job market remains intact.”

“Outside of some high-profile companies mostly in the tech sector, such as Google’s parent Alphabet, Meta, and Microsoft, layoffs in the economy as a whole remain remarkably, even historically, rare,” the article says. “There were fewer layoffs in December than in any month during the two decades before the pandemic, government data show.”

IT Support Workers Make the Economy Go Round

Universities, insurance companies, hotels, manufacturing plants … all of them use the internet and computers, and all of them depend on IT technologies to function, which means that all of them either need their own IT staff or to hire IT consultants. There’s significant demand for people with IT skills  – often there are more good paying jobs than there are candidates.

Demand for Cybersecurity Keeps Growing, and Paying

Cybersecurity skills are another set of qualifications that are constantly in demand, with some surveys showing there are two jobs available for every qualified applicant. That’s because, just like almost every company needs to have IT support to work, nearly every company needs to secure data. Local and state governments, school districts, financial advisors, hospitals … they all have sensitive information. With high starting salaries and significant opportunities to advance, cybersecurity professionals are in a great position to find jobs they love and advance their careers.

CRM is the Industry Standard for Business Connections

There are over 3.7 million positions in the U.S. that utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and that number is expected to grow 9% by 2030. CRM software is how companies of every kind communicate and keep track of their customers, vendors, and even employees. Retail stores, advertising agencies, shipping suppliers … all of them use CRM software like Salesforce to keep track of their connections. That means they need employees who know how to use these software and are good with people.

A Free Community College Certificate Can Help You Transition Your Career Into Technology

Companies are increasingly hiring based on the skills workers have, whether or not they have a degree, which makes shifting careers into fields like IT Support, CRM Platform Administration, and Cybersecurity, easier than it’s ever been. 

Studies show that short programs which lead to certification in relevant skills can lead to a big career boost. Earning a certification that demonstrates someone has the right technical skills can open doors.  

Calbright College is designed to make this possible. We’re a public, non-profit, community college. All of our programs are online and flexibly paced, which means students can study on their own time, wherever they are. While students are able to take the time they need, consistent progress allows them to complete our programs in less than a year. Calbright’s programs prepare students for industry valued certifications—the kind hiring managers are looking for—and our career services support  helps ensure students have resumes that will work for them, networking opportunities that they can use, interview preparation, and support at every step of their job hunt. 

Plus, all of Calbright’s programs are currently free for Californians, meaning there’s no student debt.

There’s never been a better time to take advantage of the robust job market for tech workers. Calbright is making it easy for a whole new population to do it.

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